Stephen King “11/22/63” Reaching the past to save the future

       Having an inherent feel for this author I have thoroughly enjoyed much of his written word and the style in which he develops his stories. I remember reading late at night when I truly believed I needed to know what was to happen next even at the cost of being alone with one of his books in hand at probably a most inappropriate wee morning hour. But that’s the type of mesmerizing effect fiction can have on the human mind.

       In this book Jake Epping sees the past as a tool for the future. The problem is the past will not cooperate, it is a stubborn animal. To stop the Kennedy assassination there would have to be an extreme manipulation of events and altering of the story already cast in stone…but there may be a way.

       How many of us would like a chance to rewrite our own past and in this entrancing novel the opportunity flares like a billion stars in the shining glory that is the night sky. However, to reset the elapsed antiquity that is history it can only be completed in an incremental time frame…two minutes at a time. That’s not what we want, is it?

       Cameo appearances of characters from (past?) novels come to light in this tale of two worlds, launching into themes, towns, and even attitudes (the nature of man).

       The compelling exploration of this fable and its anecdotes not only feeds the prolific writings of Stephen King but never leaves us without choice…to take the courageous step even by standing alone or falter with the knowledge of its consequences. The path of least resistance is not always the right one. Decide for yourself.