Aztec Two-Step “Live at the Gracie Theatre” An Acoustic Paradise

       The Gracie Theatre is the perfect venue for Aztec Two-Step. They reflect intimacy off each other and deliver it to their audience like a harbinger of affection. This may have been a concert, but it was so much more. There were moments of humor and laughter, stories of being on the road, and finding an abandoned guitar in his sister’s room left behind by a friend, picking it up and the rest is a forty-year legacy, and a history of the folk movement in the early days of this phenomenon. These aspects all contribute to an evening of complete cheer only surpassed by the merriment of these minstrels through their music.

       Much of their latest album “Cause ans Effect” was featured and received with a new freshness. Speaking to Rex and Neal after the show revealed that had been the intent of recreating the older songs. They cruised along very nicely with an entire portfolio of their music and delivering a most tender collection of “Simon and Garfunkel” tunes performed in an “Aztec Two-Step” vain with those distinctive vocal qualities that have carried them though the years.

       MPBN was there recording this momentous night for a future spring broadcast commemorating their forty years of a musical marriage with us in reception. The soft-spoken confession of Neal’s missing this one particular note during a song, or Rex’s floating alien hovering above him in the form of an MPBN camera places us in a large living room having coffee with the boys rather than an arena. 

       These moments of friendly storytelling portray the humble beginnings that have propelled our long distance voyagers into our lives yet still today. A truly wonderous evening of acoustic memories and brilliant guitar work that will forever resonate in us till we meet again.

       See tomorrow’s blog for the full interview.