“The Jasper String Quartet” Live at “Minsky Recital Hall”

       In an acoustically perfect hall the musical ministry of “The Jasper String Quartet” resounds along the very walls and a loudly proclaims their victorious dexterity. The mountainous movements rise and fall ranging from the delightful pizzicatto interludes to the highly sharpened cresendo.

       The compositions granted us a variety of composers and themes allowing interchange for humorous and dynamic measures. The melodies rhythmic movement proceeded on a most structural level as a plethera of notes had been given free rein to swim out of their instruments sharing the stage between weeping and laughter.

       The “String Quartet in F Major” By “Ludwig van Beethoven” especially highlighted the event as the hand to hand combat of the continuously flowing battle of notes ran unchained with passion and controlled emotion.

       “The Kernis Project: Beethoven” is an uncompromising album of melodic celebration consisting of seventy one minutes of the sheer tempestuous unbridled enthusiasm that is “The Jasper String Quartet”. An impeccable performance!