“The Nu-Utopians” Imagined (Celebrating the Songs of John Lennon)

       With a wide open affinity for the music of John Lennon, Rex Fowler and his fellow mate, Tom Dean, have demonstrated that an affection can be nurtured to an entirely new level. Having taken on a challenge as profound as recording songs from one of the four artists that placed rock music on an ever tilting axis, has culminated into a sublime potpourri, surrendering versions rather than renditions. This project has placed in our hands the beauty, anger, and inner thoughts of John Lennon, translated into folk tales, weaving them together with entrances and exits, and creating a road where there were none. Opening these treasures in such a way has interpolated two thoughts from different seasons, two dreams from separate evenings, and two songs into one, complimenting each other with a newfound idea. And after all, isn’t that what John Lennon always sought after?

       Uniting such compositions as “Come Together” and “I am the Walrus”, “You’ve got to Hide your Love Away” and “Norwegian Wood”, “A Day in the Life” and “Across the Universe”, and “Tomorrow Never Knows” with “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” with the simplicity of acoustic guitars and sweetly scented vocals, not only fashions these songs into new creations, but breathes a breath of life into them, with the ability to punch a hole through the mountain separating them from their origin, into a newly imagined state.

        Listen to John Lennon as never before, and celebrate his music the way the “Nu-Utopians” imagined…