“Tim Janis” Water’s Edge (a New England Touch)

       Living in Maine is an amazing opportunity to liken one’s self unto nature and its many benefits. People come from all around to experience what many of us have a stone’s throw away. Wildlife, dazzling scenic views, and a small town attitude, fully advocates our phrase “The way life should be”, and contributes to the enrichment of a New England touch.

       Tim Janis and his mystifying instrumental compositions have somehow captured these moods, and projected them into our lives with a deep significance, portraying this precious idea that has withstood beyond all measure. His blending of violin, flute, and cello, alongside the considerate sensitivity of the piano, paints for us a scrolling musical endeavor of his love for the ocean, heard in full bloom on “Water’s Edge”. The saga continues on “Star Island”, a most tender piece leading into its sister song “Moonlight on the Sea”. “Seascape” asks for our vigilance as it tells a story with only the wonderous sounds of the piano.

       Instrumental music offers us the opportunity to visualize what the music we hear transcends. Our thoughts and images are displayed in our minds as the music takes us to the “Water’s Edge”.