“Daria Rabotkina” Piano Concerto Live at the Gracie Theatre

       Artistry and magnificence is rarely found paired together where performer and instrument are so truly bound. This afternoon the brilliance of the piano was played to its maximum potential, and then a little bit more. The deluge of the thousands of notes “Daria Rabotkina” delivered, each demanded a piece of her spirit and our full attention, meeting her within her delicate touch or in a blaze of domesticated fury.

       Her first piece was “Chaconne in D minor” by “Bach”, overcome by the influences of Italian composer “Busoni”. The deep variations can be noted as it brought out both of the composer’s prominent features for which they are well known, originally written for violin.

       Selections from “Sergei Prokofiev’s”, “Romeo and Juliet Op.75” included a delightful set, stemming outward with “Scene”, “Minuet”, a highly animated piece, “The Little Girl Juliet”, “Masks”, “Friar Lawrence”, and the musically confrontational “Montagues and Capulets”. “Daria Rabotkina’s” fingers danced upon the keys as a dancer would the ballet.

       Perhaps the most emotionally musical  part of the evening took the form of “Robert Schumann’s” “Humoresque in B flat Major, Op. 20”. Explored further by “Daria’s” revelation of “Schumann’s” attempt at conflict and humor, and even perhaps the absurdity of it all, and its fervent conclusion.

       “Daria has a hand and mind connection which is gifted in translating the beauty of the music for our listening pleasure. Every movement of her self told as much of a story as did the composer who penned it to paper. The warmth of her passion for her chosen selections shone like a million suns illuminating and expanding our classical horizons, earning her several standing ovations, and returning the favor with an encore. It is evident she does not limit herself to play merely with her hands, but with her spirit.

       Her latest CD, “Daria Rabotkina, Piano, Tchaikovsky & Prokofiev”, is an untamed blizzard of concise musical notation and direction, driven on an eternal windfall of emotional perfection. The composers themselves would cheer her achievement.