Holy Week: (Holy Saturday) The Debt, the Price, the Silence

       Nicodemus boldly asking for Jesus’ body from the  Roman authorities, had Him laid to rest after He had been properly prepared for a Jewish burial in a borrowed tomb.

       It seemed the three and a half year saga of Jesus and His ministry had ended. Many of His followers and His disciples were thrown into a whirlwind over His death thinking the venture was lost. They were now left without the man with whom they, ate, travelled, and experienced amazing miracles with. Frightened of being arrested by those who sought Jesus, and abandoned with no further instructions or leader, they remained in hiding, not realizing what His death would eventually overcome, and the new dawn that would rise from it.

       All the while, Satan, Hell and its minions rejoiced over having defeated Jesus by His death, holding Him in their grasp with the sins of the world weighing down upon His shoulders.