“Courageous” A Different Brand of Courage

       There are many situations in which our courage is required. Some ask for a moment in time, and some are a long-term commitment. These four men, in the law enforcement field have taken the latter.

       In life there are many troubles, and we can easily become surrounded by their grasp. The more important becomes secondary when our eyes are set on the infiltration of what has caught our attention. Marriage, children, and our work may have the tendency to slip away from our focus when our eyes become too wide with what takes up residence in our minds.

       These father’s have made the decision to acknowledge their duty as fathers, and hold each other accountable to it for their children’s sake. Our children need our invested time to prosper in the ways that this world cannot give them. They need to see honor, committment, and love in action so that their emulation in life will continue to grow along the right path. And the fathers growth entirely depends on their emulation of the Lord Jesus Christ and to depend on His grace to strengthen them to do so, even in situations where you may stand alone, though you are never alone.

       Through the loss of a child, a return to a past committment, or to resolve misdirected anger towards another because of abandonment, these men have kept their promise to each other and their families so that the next generation will further its honor instead of lessening it.

       In many varied forms, many people are not able to do what these men have done, and it is not lack of caring. Numerous times the deck has been stacked against them in an insurmountable fashion. It may be a broken corrupt system entangling them in circles of legalities that they are unable to untie, an unforgiving person, unwilling to be amicable, or a broken spirit that cannot carry the burden any longer. Your hearts intent is really what matters, and as these men in this story have persevered, so can you, even if you are held bound in your situation. Sometimes we only need to go on for ourselves with God’s help so that we can do good for others that we can reach.