“Broadway’s Next Hit Musical” at the Gracie Theatre

       When you’re improvising, oh when you’re improvising, the whole world improvises with you. And when you’re laughing, oh when you’re laughing, the whole world doesn’t always laugh with you. Welcome to that gray area called improvisation, that place where anything could happen…and it usually does. There’s some funny bits…and some bits just fall to bits. It isn’t easy to improvise, in fact, it’s one of the most difficult parodies of the entertainment business. You need sharpness, a million ideas, and the ability to project so far ahead you can see yourself in front of you. You go with what you know and make the show flow. There are moments where your improvised sailboat is carried down in a jet stream of crystal clarity, and sometimes it sinks. It’s in these instances that we use our mental editing skills and rearrange, edit, and condense the mayhem into a more convenient package. These guys came up with some very funny looks on their faces, some hilarity in their clever spoken lines, and sang a song of sixpence with a pocket full of rye, thanks to the amazing “Gary Adler” improvising his way through his 88 keys with notes to spare. Improvising is a wonderful art…and as “Drew Carey” always said “Whose line is it anyway?”