“Cinderella” Comes to Life at Peakes Auditorium

       “Cinderella”, that ancient of days classic danced its way to life wordlessly before our eyes as only the art of ballet could deliver. Its grace and poise combined with a tale so enchanting gave us a performance in paradise, with many, many feet swaying their talents into our hearts.

       As the “Prince” (the master of gravity,Tommy McCarthy), enters our story, he is sighted by the townsfolk and “Cinderella’s” most wicked “Stepmother” (hilariously portrayed by August Eaton), and even more so bumbling “Stepsisters” (the comedic and artful Lauren Tribuzio and Nina Robinson-Poole). Upon the arrival of the “Dance Teacher” (the ever so stern and step commanding Alanna Skye), the “Stepsisters” and “Mother” are fiddling about with clothes purchased from the marketplace, who evidently are more than a dancing disappointment to the willful instructor.

       A lowly beggarwoman appears to “Cinderella” (the delightful air gliding Erin Norris), making her presence known as a “Fairy Godmother” (the most graceful Maria Vanadia) in disguise, engaging the help of a merry band of mice and bluebirds to adorn “Cinderella’s” dress, prepared in secret.

       Announcing that a Grand Ball in honor of the “Prince” has been called to attention, the boneheaded mother and daughters of fine fumbling tear “Cinderella’s” dress to shreds, leaving her in bitter tears over the only frock she could have worn. But her “Fairy Godmother” restores it to its former condition. As the imposing figure of “Midight Hour” (Sarah Bishop,with gifted movements of foreboding fear) admonishes her with an ever so strong warning to leave the ball before the stroke of midnight as “Cinderella’s” fantasy begins.

       The Monarchs enter the ballroom and the guests are naturally enthralled. However, all eyes are drawn to the lovely young lady who seems to have captured the fancy of the “Prince”. And in her very treasured evening “Cinderella”, lost within her illusion hears the chiming of the forwarned midnight hour and flees, losing one of her slippers upon her escape. Encouraged by the “King” and “Queen”, the “Prince” commits to his search for the bird who has flown.

       With the aid of the “Fairy Godmother”, the “Prince” is guided on his journey for the girl of his dreams as he summons his page in a futile attempt to place the slipper with its owner without success.

       Upon arriving at “Cinderella’s” home, the “Prince” dreads the possibility that the slipper may fit the sardonic “Stepmother”, or either of the sappy “Stepsisters”, when with sudden boldness, “Cinderella” steps forward with a matching glass slipper on one of her feet. The “Prince” places the missing piece of puzzle back where it belongs and “Cinderella’s” tattered clothes are transformed into her beautiful ball gown, as the “Fairy Godmother” smiles with delight and the “Prince” and “Cinderella” dance freely in an expression of true love.

       A true display of the art of ballet!