Bangor Symphony Orchestra’s C’est Magnifique (The Masterworks)

       In this final concert of the season, and with a fresh one waiting in the wings, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra has provided for our listening pleasure, three marvelous French composers and their wonderfully interlaced creations.

Claude Debussy and his four-part “Petite Suite” interpolates a novel  approach in this theme by way of musical alliteration, bringing the watery movement to life as the notes themselves dance their way through the unique harmonies, originally written as a piano duet.

The music of Maurice Ravel, who brought us the one movement orchestral piece “Bolero”, originally composed as a ballet, entices us this day with “Le Tombeau de Couperin”, another meticulously written four part composition, ranging from the spirited to the delicate, with a rousing dramatic completion glittering its way to a musical finish.

Gabriel Faure’ and his expanded Offertory movement to the Lord of Hosts with his “Op.48”, praises God for a peaceful encounter instead of a day of oncoming wrath in this eight part massive undertaking, complete with the U Maine Singers and Oratorio Society in a vocal ensemble calling out to the heavens. The sullen introductory chords grant safe passage to souls passing from death to life eternal in one of the last movements completed by Faure’. The soloists, Sarah Wolfson and Andrew Wentzel soared as high as the composition itself with their astounding vocal abilities bringing the season to a triumphant conclusion.

Thank you, Bangor Symphony Orchestra for a wonderful season!