“House on Haunted Hill” (original classic with Vincent Price)

              As the guests arrive as per invitation by an eccentric millionaire, “Frederick Loren” (Vincent Price), and his far less than loving greed filled wife Annabelle (Carol Ohmart), the blackened funeral cars deliver their five visitors into the hands of a house that has had its share of unholy deaths. With the promise of ten thousand dollars to each of the evenings survivors, the night terrors begin as the heavy metal doors to this haunted home laced with ghostly stories shuts tightly for the duration at the stroke of midnight.

       After the rules of engagement are graciously explained, and the forty-five caliber party favors are distributed, and the festivities are officially underway. “Annabelle” proceeds to sway each of the invited over to believing that her husband is psychotic, with less than altruistic intentions, casting suspicion in his direction. “Nora Manning” (Carolyn Craig), the hysterical screamer of the group becomes convinced that “Mr. Loren” is trying to kill her after witnessing “Mrs. Loren’s” lifeless body dangling from the end of a rope, and a host of other frightening apparitions, including the bloody lost heads from murders past.

       The very rope that brought about “Annabelle’s” suicide entangles itself about “Nora’s” feet, as her ghost fills her mind with thoughts of evil yet to come, sending her into a screaming frenzy through this fortress of fright.

       “Watson Pritchard” (Elisha Cook), thoroughly convinced the house is genuinely haunted discloses the tale behind the house and it murderous legacy, as his own brother had been severely butchered within its walls. “Lance Schroeder” (Richard Long), attacked in the basement while investigating “Nora’s” spectral sighting, remains skeptical while trying to calm her unfounded fears, disbelieving it had been a ghostly encounter.

       The devious plot is uncovered as it comes to light that “Dr. Trent” (Alan Marshal), had been in leagues with “Annabelle”, and her hoax of a death in order to frighten “Nora” to the point of hysteria in hopes of shooting “Mr. Loren” due to her overwhelming fear of his murderous attempt on her life. After an encounter in the basement , she believes she has killed “Mr. Loren” and runs screaming away. Unbeknownst to the two deviants, “Mr. Loren” is playing a game of his own in the form of fear reversal. A struggle in the dark ensues as “Dr. Trent falls into a vat of acid left behind by one of the houses previous assassins. As “Annabelle” ambles to the basement to confirm her husband is dead and his inheritance is well in hand, the candles dim, as a skeleton rises from the pool of acid accompanied by her husbands disembodied voice admonishing her for her crime. Recoiling in horror as bony fingers find purchase upon her shoulder beckoning for her to join him, she accidentally stumbles to her own death in an acidic end. “Frederick” emerges from the shadow as the skeletal puppet master winding the manipulating strings which animated the lifeless bag of bones. When “Mr. Loren” is found alive, he tells them of the evil plot to kill him, and of the terrible end which had befallen them, being ready for justice to decide his guilt or innocence. However, “Watson Pritchard” ministers his final thoughts that the house has now claimed two more as its own. And through terrified eyes he decrees they’ll be coming for him…and then for you…