“Gordon Lightfoot” All Live

       Referred to as Canada’s greatest songwriter, this Canadian folk artist, born “Gordon Meredith Lightfoot”, achieved international success in the sixties and seventies with his well-known chart toppers “Sundown”, “If You Could Read My Mind”, and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. His songs have been recorded by numerous world renowned artists such as “Elvis Presley”, “Johnny Cash”, “Hank Williams”, and “Bob Dylan”, just to mention a few from this endless list, with several of his albums having attained gold and platinum status.

       His new live album, “All Live” is a wonderful collection of songs spanning an amazing career as a singer/songwriter with a fresh new perspective, recorded live with no alterations, presented with the same love and appreciation the folk world has come to adore. These live performances recorded between 1998 and 2001 at “Massey Hall” in Toronto are a special tribute to the arena as well as the artist, having played there in his youth at the tender age of twelve. Recalling those moments in time where it all began and returning to it, shows the respect “Gordon Lightfoot” has for his work and for those who still enjoy his acoustic storytelling.

       Some of the versions vary slightly from the originals, which only enhances the creative aspect of the songs, giving them a true live feel. These gentle fables and their heart-felt intent fill the concert hall with the emotions and musical warmth songs of this considerate nature were meant to give. The words, music, and heart throughout the years have not wavered, only seasoned with time.