“Bangor Area Children’s Choir” at the Gracie Theatre

       After twenty years of many little voices making one big one a loudly proclaim their presence within the community, the “Bangor Area Children’s Choir” released their full vocal capacity to those gathered at the “Gracie Theatre” for an evening of voice to voice unity. Every voice working together to build one large one, sang many songs leading us through laughter, sadness, patriotism, and our fundamental Christian praises.

       Through the tootledge and direction of the respective conductors, “Steve Weston”, “Joshua Schmersal”, and “Drew Albert”, the “Bangor area Children’s Choir”, the “Bangor Community Chorus”, and “The New Renaissance Singers” all contributed to the discovery of the importance of voices being heard. “Amy Maier” provided the engaging musical accompaniment joining these collective sounds in song, with “Judith Pratt” donning her flute for one of the evenings selections.

       In a choir setting the vocals are the main instrument, the allowance for the luxury of error is greatly diminished as the blending of so many voices becomes one celebrated response. Auditory sensitivity and the development of that awareness, combined with the love for singing becomes the challenge of choice. And it has been served well on this twentieth anniversary of such a worthwhile event, bringing so many together to be heard ever so eloquently.