“The Calling” Kelley Armstrong (they walk among us) book two

       A supernatural tale born out of the stones of years, held in bounty and feared to the point of execution, unlocking a secret only a handful of the remaining Benandanti, a group with beginnings as Italian witch hunters, or more clearly denoted as demon hunters, with mastery of the human senses, developed into the far reaches of advanced ability, invoking the imagination to an authoritative level of dominance. As they nomad their way through the darkened regions of the forest after a well orchestrated helicopter crash involving loved ones, and a much less than altruistic purpose, these less than half humans wander the earthly perimeter as they flee from the wreckage suffering loss of family, friends, and the shadow of death looming over their very lives at the hands of the would be assassins, aware of their demigod cunning and skillful techniques. And harbored within this corruptible taunt, the natural-born hunters are now the hunted. Those who seek require answers, only to open doors to more questions. Skin walkers, half animal, half human, in search of the truth pertaining to their unmitigated end, extinction, and reasons for the invariable inquiry of castigation and chastisement, on a revolving Calliope of determination and death and their struggle for survival, requisitioning an end game with a question of balance, requiring a fearful response to what they’ve come to know as “The Calling”.

       “Kelley Armstrong” has placed together a well written, and enticing story, fabled with a menagerie of wonderful words illustrating the depth of the characters portrayed within the boundaries of a world they do not yet comprehend, lodged within the walls of the soul cages in which they are confined.