“The Reckoning” Kelley Armstrong (the time is now)

       Deception and hidden agendas rule the roost in this final battle for the fine line between reality and the twilight world. The uncovering of one necromancers admission for the all too simple act of bringing the rotting dead back amongst the living has brought an entirely new host of questions to light (or in this case darkness). If it weren’t enough of an out of control whirlwind as it stands, dealing with a socially inept werewolf, and still being hunted down by a most unforgiving corporation with intent to end her tumultuous life, Chloe must continue to juggle the safety of her friends lives and run from her rotting ones.

       In the conclusion of this torrid escapade, Kelley Armstrong gives credence and closure to a tale of the living and the dead who don’t know the difference.