The Greatest Classical Music Ever! (a guide for the classically curious) EMI Classics

       Also under the guise of “Fifty Shades of Classical Music”, this compilation is designed for those who love classical music’s greatest hits with a curiosity for more. Some of the most beautiful and adoring music ever written by the great masters has been assembled in this collection. Tchaikovsky, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi are merely some of the icons filling the vast walls of sound.  It had been the heart and quill of these wonderful composers whose dedication to their art has left us with a musical legacy greater than any other for its long-standing frame of time. Each movement, note, and melody strikes a most purposeful chord as the instruments proclaim their monolithic and artful stance forever remembered and loved. The individual epic endeavors of each of the authors of fine musical lineage have immortalized their work forever, to have been cherished by many a generation, and with a collective assembly such as this, many more to come.