“The Beatles Yellow Submarine” Songtrack (CD)

       Now that you know all about the release of the movie, you can start playing all of the great tunes on this fresh new package of classic songs from the same masterwork. This landmark achievement with all of the great songs included on this compact hardcover edition, includes a fold out color booklet of so many of the great scenes from the film in the pop style of the day (viva Peter Max). The original release gave us new songs from the film with an instrumental side written by George Martin. And now in this continuing kaleidoscope of Beatle history, the full songtrack can be heard in its entirety. It’s all too much, even if you are a nowhere man navigating a yellow submarine with Eleanor Rigby and her bulldog as a passenger. And with a little help from your friends, you too can be a rich man if you think for yourself and realize all you need is love. After all it’s only a northern song…(all together now!)