“Los Lobos” Kiko 20th Anniversary Edition CD/Kiko Live CD/Kiko Live DVD

       The critically acclaimed Los Lobos album “Kiko”, has hit its twenty year mark with an astounding resonance throughout musical circles. The golden peak of their history is fully celebrated with the release of “Kiko”, the 20th anniversary edition, with a hardbound cover and booklet granting us access to their lyrics, liner notes, and bonus selections, commemorating this landmark album. A live version of the original recording captures the band’s performance in concert from The House of Blues on February 24th, 2006 in its entirety, with tasteful variations always welcome at a live setting. The DVD not only gives a visual of this memorable evening, but this never before released for broadcast program includes interviews, and the inner workings of the making of the album. The live version of “Arizona Skies” is surrounded by instrumental musicianship, not only in talent but in obvious onstage comradery. We also hear and see extra bonus cuts, including a revamped and rearranged version of “La Bamba” with a most creative flair. This trio of triumphant releases engages Los Lobos in their many influences of music throughout their span of time, touching on rhythm and blues, folk, country, and an abundance of classic rock. Five guys with a magical sound and a rare example of musical longevity.