Korn “The Path of Totality Tour” (live at the hollywood palladium)

       “IF” this superfluous sextet had not only included totality in the title, but in the finality of the art of expletive conversation and lyrical nightmares, embossed with monotone vocals (complete with electro vibrato) and inane musical variations pounding the doldrums of the fragile human mind, then pass go and collect two hundred bucks.

       “AND” without the traditional architecture of the genre, the guitar carving its way through with maniacal solos overpowering their heavy metal directive, its lack of presence causes a paradigm shift in their medium of choice. There are some intelligent bits in portions of the lyrical foundations found in “Illuminati” and the one world domination pending such an evil plot. Touches of the musical interludes are inventive but are lost among the hollow expectations of the missing lead guitar such as their predecessors Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and the like.

       “BUT” if you don’t mind these inane rants with demonic overtones which has now changed the face of the metal head sound, then this head on collision of unrelenting electro black death metal compounded by the missing major component like the long-lost Holy grail, then the incubus walks among you.