“The Dogs of Riga” Henning Mankell (a Kurt Wallander mystery)

       Entrenched deep within the perimeter of a Swedish shoreline, the remains of two hideously executed victims floating hopelessly in an open raft are found. With no rationale, reason, or witnesses to speak of, Kurt Wallander is short on confidence he can reconstruct any form of criminal ideology from this seriously lacking evidentiary grim scene of death. However, the detectives mind is already on the run, building a mystery as relentlessly as it appears to be eluding any rhyme or reason. Once the bodies are linked to Baltic state of Latvia, in the midst of a tumult of Soviet disunity, the case is shifted to Riga authorities. Believing his role to be over in this investigation, Wallander conducts business as usual, that is until he is called back to the area in question and hurled headlong into the darkness of an unknown enemy whose omnipresent eyes will go to any lengths to crush their enemies to cover their secrets.