“Shark Week” (and a tooth for a tooth)

       Another week of staring into those black soulless lifeless eyes which appear to be mercilessly staring at us with malicious intent. However, those same eyes are studied by countless marine biologists with a scientific understanding of the true nature of these meandering killing machines of the ocean depths. Their eating patterns and devastating hunting tactics are being challenged at every turn, with highly advanced equipment and specially designed formations of cameras that actually capture some of the most unique and many times, first time ever seen upward thrusts in Australian waters. These death-defying scientists floating on not much more than a lightweight tin can of sorts film some of the methodical methods these giant great white sharks use in order to land direct hits on their prey. Feasting on seals in South Africa, some of the most dangerous waters in the world, proved to be fruitful as they caught shark behavior on footage only dreamed of in scientific studies. These brave (or crazy) pathfinders in the longitude and latitude oceanic world give us a look into the mouth of the beast, with gleaming sharp teeth chomping down ruthlessly with bone splitting blunt force on the seals on which they primarily feed. More is understood about this monster today than ever before, but it certainly doesn’t make a bit of difference if you ever come face to face with the jaws of death. Sharks test their potential meals with their teeth and the infamous bump, having sensory nerves in their mouths, and many times release what doesn’t appeal to them. Regardless of the intent, these powerful clampdowns once engaged, cause enough damage to the intended prey to inflict devastating results. Much is still a mystery to us and the scientific community at large about the shark, but with team shark week on the case, a wealth of unknown information will be steadily given to us on a seafood platter. The frenzy in the midst of a shark attack is a frightening sight, and those who have encountered such an event can tell you the intense fear it projects unto the victim. Ever since the movie “Jaws” had been released, the magnification of this terror has grown and the interest in these deep water acrobats has intensified. Our week-long venture has once again begun. So, you may stay out of the water, but this week it’s alright, because the gang at the Discovery channel are bringing the water to you…sharks included.