Why does my computer do this to me?

       I guess I could begin the same way we did when we were kids in grade school when we had to write “what I did during my summer vacation”, and start the story with the same sentence, but to save a line or two we’ll skip to the matter at hand. These complicated, but very touchy machines do this to us (there’s part of the classic line) because they’re computers. Simple? Well, yes, but there is no other explanation. We could delve into the inner complexities dealing with the binary code, or RAM, and the various heavy-duty stuff inside these irritating narcissistic packs of electronic junk, but why bother. They do whatever they want with or without us. They shut off at the most inopportune time, freeze when we are in the middle of something vital (knowing full well we will lose everything we’ve been working on for the past forty-five minutes), and they don’t care. Computers smile at us on that accursed screen in the form of all of the neat things we want to look at and then introduce us to what we don’t want to look at. You think they don’t know? Please don’t be naive. They’re built that way. This way the guys who threw this tub of turmoil together can sell you their instant box of magic make it all better programs for quite the nominal charge and then not even include the instructions to use it (that’s extra). A scam among scams is the blue plate special of the year and it is growing out of control with its extended family of cousin tablet, uncle kindle, and the growing insane world of gaming. Artificial intelligence is one thing. At least this is an idea of a learning machine that can adapt and aid us, but these things not only befuddle us into a lost realm and a false sense of security, but want to take over with stupidity at the helm. Shut this thing off (whichever one is your bane of existence) and teach it a lesson. Let’s see how much it likes to be off for a day or two (maybe longer depending on its offense) and make it go to sleep whether it wants to or not like a disciplined child. After all, isn’t that what it is? Why does my computer do this to me? (There it is!)  Because it’s a computer! An electronic brat that needs to be taught a lesson from time to time. By the way, I didn’t start the story with the “summer vacation sentence” but I kind of ended that way. Time for me to turn off my computer.