Candle Curiosity

       What is it about candles that draws us to them almost as a moth to a flame? The obvious basic totalitarian use of the waxen stick is to provide light. However, the atmosphere it creates depends a lot on the candle itself. The lofty scents wafting into the air can give romantic effects with lavender or rose petals perusing our surroundings. The color also matches our decor and completes the atmosphere that we are trying to build. But it has gone so much further than its traditional expectations. The eccentricities of the candle has turned more than a creative corner. Some of these candles have become art. The intricate carvings have mimicked dragons unfurling complex folds of their wings, wizards and their long flowing robes, scepter in hand casting spells. The technology of the candle has taken on a multitude of internal ideas as well. Time release scents swirled within the wax sculpture allows different fragrances to invade our sense of smell with sometimes overpowering, and sometimes mere hints of flowers or flavors as well. The process is an amazing thing to watch if you ever get the chance to see it. The chemistry of this much unseen method takes careful planning with a creative flair. There are some home kits you can use to make your very own candles which can be not only a window into this secret world of candlemaking, but just plain fun. So many of these wonderful pieces take the shape of animals, lighthouses, and abstracts. These are usually not burned, but kept as works of art, displayed with our personal taste and special interests at heart. They sure have come a long way from our ancestral days when all that was needed was a little light, to the extravagant candle parties when you’d get all caught up in the hoopla with all of your friends in attendance, and an overzealous host pawning off overpriced candles you’d later regret buying (and having paid for) later on at home. Remember, candles are for light first, and then for looks. Don’t be fooled into this aromatic therapeutic mumbo jumbo nonsense that promotes health and well-being. If you want health, exercise, if you want well-being, smile. Wherever you may come across articles of this wonderful world of wax, take a second look, your curiosity may light up.