“Indestructible Man” (Lon Chaney Jr. 1956)

       In a series of flashbacks, the story unfolds through the eyes of chief detective Dick Chasen (Max Showalter), chasing down Charles “Butcher” Benton (Lon Chaney Jr.) who has been triple crossed by his accomplices in crime, and executed for murder and robbery. He endures death at the hand of the gas chamber while his partners turned states evidence against him and go free. Through illegal channels, his body is sold to a scientist experimenting with life and death (Robert Shayne). Using the corpse as a human subject, it is exposed to massive chemical and high frequency electrical power to study its effect on dead human tissue. Upon the re-stimulation of the body, Benton is revived. Rendered mute by electrical damage, he is impervious to pain and has attained superhuman strength. He kills the scientist and his assistant (Joe Flynn) and seeks revenge on those who crossed him and stole his money. After a spree of mysterious killings, the truth of Benton’s reanimation falls into police hands. The detectives relationship with Benton’s ex-girlfriend (Marian Carr) blossoms after a previous visit to her from the killer, insisting she had been given directions to the money stash, stolen from her dressing room by the corrupt lawyer in on the whole crime. He then confesses to police that the cash had been hidden in the sewer system in exchange for protection from Benton who is now after him. A manhunt for Benton traces him to a power station where he is weakened by a direct hit from a bazooka and is horribly disfigured by a flame thrower. He then engages high voltage equipment into place and triggers a massive rush of electricity to run through his body, killing him with the same force that had given him life.