Passwords, Pin Numbers, and Pandemonium (privacy or paranoia?)

       Many of us are not technological wizards, most of us use our surrounding gizmos for everyday use without really even giving much thought to the pending plots of pilfering perpetrators who wish nothing more than to pry their way into our daily devotions to this area of our lives. And why should we? On the tilted average we use this stuff to keep in touch with family and friends, look up places, things, and maybe shop a little. Although there are those who trust it to the point of paying bills and making purchases. However, the darker side of this wired world has brought in the riff raff in a whole new perspective. Techno thieves and cyber crooks are everywhere and are on the extreme rise. I understand you don’t really give too much thought to it…until it happens to you. There is an entire wild universe full of highly advanced super junk waiting to fall into the hands of these secretive stalkers begging for the chance to pick your online pocket. Banks are susceptible to this fraudulent fiasco. There are devices strategically placed at ATM machines that can read your information right off of your card, and even pick up your pin number. Computer cons are among the most common. Obviously don’t ever give out precious information to anyone asking or even suggesting you give it. But there are web watchdogs waiting in the wings for the very moment your numbers become available. Hackers are hoarding unbelievable amounts of your hidden passwords, either by guesswork or blatant stealing. There have been major conglomerates who have had their entire vast clients lists of endless private statistics and details yanked right out from under them without even knowing it until massive repercussions have already been caused as a result of this robo robbery. Be wary of your web browser as well. Did you know that some of these guys sell your info to other companies either for marketing purposes, selling, and especially for gathering every bit of information about you? Your purchases, thoughts, opinions, and even who you speak to are remembered in this liquid cosmic monster called the world-wide web. Even cell phones are monitored under the guise of national security, checking for key words that may indicate certain activities that may threaten or signify danger. But who’s to say how far that technology extends? And who’s to know to what reasoning or rationale this ability gives itself the self-imposed gift of rationalizing to the point of passing over into invasion of privacy? Do you? Do they? Do yourself a favor and keep yourself safe. Change passwords on a regular basis, maybe even pin numbers and the like. I know it’s a pain but it’s really up to you to play mission impossible these days. There are far too many people on either a rogue mission or in a collective political group that crave power and control to keep even one eye closed to this numerical nightmare. Remember, they say knowledge is power. Well, then the more they know about you, the more power they have. Is this privacy or paranoia? Maybe paranoia is the only way to keep our privacy. After all, paranoia is just another form of awareness.