American Folk Festival Moments

       After having been blessed with wonderful weather, we walked the streets of the yearly celebration surrounded by music, food, onlookers, and vendors showing their wares. Many of them we’ve seen the previous year, some newcomers, but in any case the interest peaks with fresh inventiveness and originality. We gave a look at one in particular. Adornments by Lisa Bess crafted some creative items you may want to give a closer look at. An artisan who has been crafting since 1996 when jewelry making had taken her passion in a new direction. She is particularly proud of her magnetic eyeglass holder which frees your hands and won’t drop your eyewear. Check out her site at Musically, we were impressed by Franco Fiddle and their rather well-rounded fiddle styles, with originals and old covers from masters who left behind a legacy and a story to tell, with nimble fingers and a never-ending series of pleasant notes streaming throughout the air of the fair. There’s always something new for all of us to see and hear. So keep your senses ready and let’s get another eyeful and earful next time and let’s see what next year will bring.