“The Dirty Jobs” (with Mike Rowe)

       A Discovery Channel program introduced to us in 2003 as two pilot shows, returned in 2005 with a startling premise. Mike Rowe, a man who hunts for jobs that are difficult, strange, and sometimes downright disgusting, makes his way through the lands taking the reins of the messiest occupations ever seen. When a team of seasoned workers takes Mike in a assistant or apprentice position, he is shown the proverbial ropes (sometimes real ropes) to complete a task regardless of danger or discomfort, and otherwise repulsive situations, he literally embraces it. Ever engaging in self-deprecating humor, Mike makes “dirty jokes” about his predicament with the crew always joining in with laughter.  He was even featured on two episodes of “Shark Week” named “Jobs that Bite” and “Jobs that Bite…Harder”, tossed into a shark feeding frenzy as a shark suit tester. He is currently in Australia, the land down under still on the lookout for Aussie insanity, complete with a no worries attitude. He has taken the cow by the udder, fallen into vats of unmentionable goop, and eaten raw shellfish that looks more like an alien life form than food. Yeah, this guy has done it all, almost. Watch him and plan on getting dirty.