The Shroud of Witchcraft Over Dexter Maine

       Desperation can be a heavy motivator in the lives of those who seek relief from its suffocating grasp. In the realm of the unknown, there are many dark corners where one may believe they will find security, solace, and protection. One of those hidden pockets of proposed provision enters into a blackened world void of good, but overrun with evil. Many have turned their immortal souls over to the devil himself in hopes of serving this horned lord in return for prosperity, fame, and even revenge. A reliable source who I have spoken with has filled in some of the blanks about the truth of what goes on in this rampant running outreach to black magic in epidemic proportions in Dexter Maine. There have been reports of witches covens gathering in the dead of night witnessed by the town’s inhabitants in graveyards adorned in hooded cloaks, in homes with red lights gleaming out of windows, and animal mutilations with vital organs removed. Internet postings asking for coven leaders to come forth and lead, spells cast over the schools, and demonic phrases worshipping the devil are spiraling out of control deep within the borders of this little Maine town. People are afraid and have expressed concern for their children and themselves over this zealous and selfish religious activity. The church of satan founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in April of 1966 spawned the thoughts of this self-proclaimed satanic leader in the books he published such as “The Satanic Bible”, “Satanic Rituals”, “The Devils Notebook”, and “Satan Speaks”. Surrounded by the magnum opus of “Do as thou whilst”, as the main theme of their belief, implement Ouija boards used to summon the dead and malicious spirits, pentagrams for ritual sacrifice, and inverted crosses mocking the death of Jesus. Many churches are aware of the satanic activity buried deep in the heart of this New England town, combatting it with prayer to bring down the rulers of the darkness of this secret society in an otherwise innocent town afflicted with the worship of the devil. As far back as several centuries, New England has had a history with black magic, most notably in Salem Massachusetts. And apparently this strand of evil has been kept alive. Perhaps we should be aware of this pending epidemic, especially with our youth before they turn to an empty cause out of fear and insecurity, and ultimately fooled as Anton LaVey had been. Having done all to stand for his empire of the golden dawn, asking his master to allow him to die on October 31st, Halloween, one of the satanic holidays known by this widely recognized cult, only after his blind servitude for countless years to have been robbed of his life’s request by a mere two days, only to find himself laughed at while roasting in hell.. People of Dexter Maine are aware of their surroundings, you should be too. Keep your Bible open, your prayers alive, and your thoughts pure. “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8). “But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, for he knows that his time is short.” (Revelation 12:12) The time is now!