Muscle Cars and Memories

       If you’ve ever been in one of these great machines, you know the feel. They are large, comfortable, and fast. In the days when fuel wasn’t the main concern, it was a great day driving an eight-cylinder motor surrounded by a great looking metal body. Some had bench seats, and then the bucket seat took hold of the driver behind the wheel. Wild colors covered some of these cars. The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner was car of the year, sporting a bright orange color and a ridiculously high spoiler which fits like a glove on this still sought after classic automobile. Anyone who remembers this era loved the Chevy Chevelle, the Pontiac GTO, The Ford Mustang, and of course the Chevy Camaro. The list goes on as I’m sure everyone has their favorites. Large fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror, furry seat covers, and a stereo eight track or cassette player that rivaled the sound barrier became an essential part of this muscle world. The restoration of these wonderful mechanical mechanisms has endured time itself with amazing results.  Car shows displaying these beasts thrill us and move us, especially if we had one, bringing back memories and maybe even a longing to have one again. Jacked up backs, big wheels, and shiny rims decorated these cars of the day, but it’s the memories attached to them that remind us of the love and admiration of those days gone by.