“The Phantom Creeps” (Bela Lugosi 1939)

       Doctor Zorka (Bela Lugosi), a mad scientist who with highly imaginative and elaborate inventions plots to conquer the world, while G men, foreign agents, and spies, seek the ultimate discovery of an unknown element with untold power in the form of a meteorite uncovered in a foreign land. And with these strange and unorthodox weapons of warfare, Doctor Zorka dreams of an army of eight foot giant robots marching across the planet crushing everything in their path, raining death over all who oppose him. The one prototype of this tyrannous metal monster is stashed within the walls of his laboratory awaiting his command. Everyone is out to steal the meteorite at the helm of the outrageous potential energy buried deep inside its core, alongside a belt of invisibility which Zorka uses at will to carry out his mad plan. The government demands control over Zorka’s discovery under the guise of not having the enemy grasp hold of such a force, twisting the destiny of mankind. However, Doctor Zorka has already sworn vengeance upon society after the death of his wife as a result of an accident in the confines of his lab, now hell-bent on using his monstrous creations to make him a world dictator. His bumbling and incompetent assistant, Monk (Jack C. Smith), and his whistle blowing for fear of returning to prison confounds and frustrates the Doctors work. The masters grand scheme is foiled by G man, Captain Bob West (Robert Kent), while in an airplane chase against time, following Zorka’s mad bombing of anything in sight, his cohort abandons the wheel, and while in a panic loses control over the aircraft crashing in a fiery blaze ending Zorka’s reign of terror over the world.