Blue Hill Festival (a September gathering)

       As we fall upon another labor day to celebrate the common American worker who helped to build this great country, the weekend had been set in place for yet another traditional down home family gathering despite the temporary falling rain. Situated in the small coastal town of Blue Hill Maine, this little corner of the state draws an enormous amount of weekenders from all around to soak in the livestock and their prize winners, view the powerhouse Draft horses, and the oxen pulling.

       On this particular Sunday we were able to listen to “The Cowboy Angels” duke out that country twang and some hot guitar licks over at the Midway stage with the crowd enjoying the music. The “Disc-Connected K9’s” and their high-flying dog show gathered us together for an acrobatic act, complete with unending frisbees, and a sad story about dogs who lived a life without love, but finished with a happy ending. Between the Blueberry Pie Eating Contest and the Hot Dog Pig Racing, it’s difficult to tell who’s mostly running amuck. But overlooking the majestic Blue Hill with its mighty Blue Spruces, this tradition is one to remember and uphold as a gathering of friends and town pride.