Emotional Masks and the thoughts behind them

       We all hide from something. One of the oldest sayings is “everyone has a skeleton in their closet”. And there are different ways to hide them. Not all are physical skeletons. Some are mental and emotional ones as well, which can be even more painful. If you’re hiding an actual body, the burial site physically exists and the thoughts and fears linger on forever. However, the inward rips and tears that dwell within us in the form of sadness and suffering, much of it silent, burns on with distressing results. When masking this invisible friend, sometimes we develop a personal situation where we avoid eye contact or look down at the ground, hoping to evade discovery. Although, in the same token, we can be throwing out a cry for help. A frozen smile, sunglasses, or even silence can be a mask of indifference to the outside world slowly under construction of a wall that eventually becomes impenetrable. Psychologically, there are terms and telltale signs to be sought after and discussed, but the heart is not usually a meter that can be adjusted with a few tweaks. Rage is anger unleashed, depression is anger turned inward, still at full-scale fury but retreated in a hopeless place, and then there’s anger turned sideways, a dismal quiet retreat where the idle mind ruminates alternate solutions to the problem. The land of masks. This would be the launching of maddened self clarifications of ones problems in the form of the most outlandish release of inner pain. In light of the growing number of shootings and rebellion, our desperation grows to levels not even able to be contained any longer and spouts such a response that even those who you would never expect to react in such a way do. If your zone of fear is growing, and your comfort is threatened, don’t remain silent. You are not the only one. Reach out to someone you can trust, someone who will reach back to you and not your wallet, and let them know about it. You may be surprised to learn they may feel the same way you do, and you may arrive at a solution together. At a time when God has been placed aside and forgotten, perhaps if we looked for Him at these times, we would see that he is looking for us as well and waiting to help us. We all wear masks from time to time. Sometimes the world we live in requires it. But there are people who care to see what’s behind your mask and the thoughts behind them.