It’s Only Cereal…(isn’t it?)

       You know that box with the crunchy stuff in it? The bits you pour milk over and pick up with a spoon while dribbling milk hopefully back into your bowl and not down your lip and onto the clothes you plan on wearing to work that day? The most basic get up and go breakfast in history is making history with a ridiculous price tag attached to it. It’s versatile, tasty, and the easiest morning time munch fest before school, work, or wherever you’ve got to be that day prep plan in those wee morning hours. This bowl o’plenty for the most part has vitamins, grains, oats, and will keep you on the path to lunchtime without a dramatic hitch. In a world enticed by colors, sugar, and goofball offers, the cereal universe has come not full circle, but a spirograph of continuous appeal to the senses without any sense. The price for this palatable box of rocks has gone beyond what mommy and daddy thought would ever be to get them and their kids out the door and off to see the wizard at this early hour. The marketing world has junked up this box with marshmallows, loads of sugar, and whatever the latest and greatest movie or cartoon has hit the airwaves, hurtling itself into your shopping cart and onto your table with a bang and a boom. Munch away mein host, but beware of the psycho babble and careful planning it took to get this basic box of oats to your home and into your mouths. But then again, we have become a trained bunch of lemmings over time without putting up much of a squabble. Can it really be true that there’s always more to the story and a reason behind it? After all it’s only cereal…isn’t it?