Raising Hell in Dexter Maine

       Dark and troublesome things have risen out of the darkness of the small town that is Dexter Maine. The once silent and well hidden occult activities concealed out of fear of discovery have been disturbed and unwillingly brought to the surface, and to the attention of the townspeople who may have ignored its existence or simply not have been aware of its presence. The demons in this unsuspecting town who aid those in leagues with the devil have raised hell in response to the recently written article “The Shroud of Witchcraft Over Dexter Maine”. So much so that the replies have been threatening e-mails and contacts to drop the investigation and to leave things be as they have been for far too long. Mockery, disbelief, and denial compounded by ignorance about the subject of witchcraft, or that it even exists anymore is even more dangerous than the outright intimidation to allow the debauchery to continue without its black cloak removed. E-mails attempting to steer the search away from Dexter by responding occult practitioners have suggested to look elsewhere for witches in places like Hallowell, Gardiner, and Augusta for blood drinkers and the like to avoid any further exposure in their own corner of the world. There has also been a very encouraging response by Dexter residents themselves confirming witchcraft activity, having witnessed such gatherings and rituals for years. A large overwhelming outreach aside from the threats and diversionary tactics have come from pastors and ministers in Dexter asking for advice and information in methods of spiritual warfare against the rampant evil finally brought to light in their own backyard. A church in Bangor has even confessed to believing they have been plagued by demonic forces at the hands of local covens in opposition with them have asked for help in battling this once silent abomination. To remain silent is to permit evil to reign. Sorcery and divination has had a foothold for far too long and is obviously frightened by the light of Jesus Christ and its illumination upon it. These things do exist. They are not frivolous or make-believe, but evil hellion manifestations deploying themselves through willing vehicles destined for damnation.

       Christians commit sins, of course, but they ask God to forgive them, and then they continue serving him. God has freed believers from their slavery to satan, and he keeps them safe from satan’s continued attacks. The rest of the world does not have the Christians freedom to obey God. Unless they come to Christ in faith, they have no choice but to obey satan. There is no middle ground; people either belong to God and obey him, or they live under satan’s control. (1 John 5:18, 19, 20)

       The investigation continues…